Strong and affordable, the simplest version of the family.


To prepare the seedbed, GHIBLI by ERMO is the best option - affordable, fast, and strong. The machinery with a 2.5 m working width is fixed, the machinery with a 4 m working width is both fixed and collapsible. GHIBLI is available in the mounted and driven version, and it is possible to set two different disk diameters (510 or 560) according to the tractor power or the type of work to be carried out.

The range of available rear rollers is very wide. It is possible to equip GHIBLI with a double- shell roller, angular-rings roller, packer roller, cage roller; all of them are available in different diameters. Moreover, ERMO offers the optional version, featuring cylinders for the hydraulic adjustment of the roller and depth.

  • Rispecting the environment: thanks to the variable depth, adjustable up to 12 cm, the impact on the soil is less invasive.
  • Saving time: in only one passage residues are perfectly buried and soil is perfectly shredded.
  • Reducing costs: minimum ploughing operations do not require powerful tractors and reduce fuel consumption.

Technical specifications