The ARROW soil loosener machine is extremely versatile - it can be used both as a single device, attached to the tractors lift arm, to break the deep layer of the soil and facilitate water drainage, and also combined to other DMX series machineries. According to the required processing, ARROW can feature two types of tines:

  • straight with depth coulter, to coulter soil without inverting the layers;
  • 'French-style' tines, also known as Michel, to loosen soil without inverting the layers.

The single device version has a minimum working depth of 20 cm up to a maximum of 50 cm. In the combined version, in only one passage, it is possible to loosen soil in-depth and prepare the superficial layer of the seedbed without inverting the layers. The soil loosener can be easily added to the mounted DMX series front part, as it is equipped with a hydraulic lift arm with a quick coupling system to easily connect the front disk. The version with a 4 m working depth is available with a fixed frame or a collapsible one with a 2.5 m working depth for road transport.

Technical specifications