GHIBLI is ERMO's strongest and high-power seedbed preparation machinery of the disc cultivator family. It is available in the mounted version with a 3 or 4 working width, and in the driven version with a 5 or 6 working width. GHIBLI is equipped with 560/610 diameter disks and is built with high- resistant steels. Wide distance between the rollers ensures a correct mixing without any blockage and working goes more smoothly and faster.
In the driven version, the cart is placed centrally and it guarantees to the machinery balance, stability and easier handling when manoeuvring.
In addition to the version with the hydraulic or mechanical adjusting of the working width, HURRICANE can be equipped with the optional for the hydraulic adjusting of the inclination of the shaft, in order to obtain perfect levelling. The optional addition of a line of levelling and smoothing harrows placed behind the second row of disks increases the already high-level precision of seedbed preparation operations. Containment of soil moved by the first row of disks can also be adjusted by inserting a shaped rod, whose height and inclination can be set.

Technical specifications