ERMO mounted stubble combined cultivators can adapt to the features of the field. It is possible to set the working depth from 5 to 30 cm with ease and without using any tool. Mounted stubble combined cultivators are available with 2 or 3 row of tines, with bolt security safe system or NO-STOP system with automatic reset spring, in order to meet all needs. The NO-STOP version is available in two versions: one for rocky fields, with a single spring, and one for particularly challenging fields, with double springs.
The cultivators, in only one passage and without the need of using powerful tractors, loosen the soil
and at the same time bury the residues and shred soil. Working time is considerably shorter and consequently also fuel consumption is reduced. It can be used for minimum ploughing on no tilled soils or on previously turned fields for the seedbed preparation. Considering the agronomical profile, ERMO cultivators are some of the most recommended agricultural machineries, as they allow for an exceptional cultivation performance, and their intervention does not imply soil layer turn over. The soil thus maintains its natural properties, structure, and biodiversity.

Technical specifications