Precise cutting, deep cracking


High power and impeccable strength

ERMO subsoilers are particularly suitable for heavy duty and at-depth working. The frame, built using high-resistance steels, is equipped with Hardox 400 tines, with a specific design which allows for a progressive penetration with low power absorption. The addition of special coulters on the tines allows for increased soil turning over and aeration.
Upon request, the subsoiler can feature a double spiked roller, with hydraulically adjustable working depth and tilting side bands to contain soil clumps.

Thanks to this combination, as well as soil loosening, it is possible to roughen and excellently smooth the soil, facilitating and reducing every subsequent activity. The subsoilers are available both in a light and heavy version, with a number of tines ranging from 5 to 11, with working depth ranging from 35 to 60 cm, and with working width ranging from 2.50 to 5 m. They can be fixed or collapsible considering machineries with a power range from 90 to 500 hp. Among the optional features, a hydraulic regulated rear disk can substitute the double spiked roller.

Technical specifications